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Our classes together at Music Makers, LLC will focus on fun! We will use children's books and poetry to spark imagination in the children and to give them the opportunity to be creative within a familiar setting. All kinds of instruments will be played each week to foster fine and gross motor skills, and to develop steady beat. Word games and singing will grow language skills and lead to successful pitch matching and a more refined singing voice. Children will be encouraged to move creatively and to express their impressions of the wonderful music to which they will be exposed. My deep passion for and love of music will be shared with the children during each and every session.

Julie Ream Playing GuitarThroughout history, music has unified cultures and civilizations and has been utilized to express triumph, tragedy and jubilation. A life full of music is a life enriched with joy. Come join the fun!!

Explore the web site to learn more about our courses, our curriculum, the importance of music in our lives, and how we use Music Learning Theory in the classroom. Take a look at our testimonials page if you want to hear about other people's experiences. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know.


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