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During our weekly 45 minute sessions we will follow a basic lesson plan to provide the children with a sense of security and structure. We will listen to wonderful music in various styles, sing familiar Hello songs together, refine our voices and pitch development through Echo Songs, move expressively to music
of varying styles, work toward mastery of a steady beat, make musical connections through childrenʼs literature and poetry, improvise vocally and explore sounds and musical concepts through lots of instrument play. We will end each session with a familiar Goodbye song and more great music.

Throughout the 8-10 week sessions, children will be given the opportunity to “polish” some pieces. This gives children the sense of ownership and accomplishment and provides them with a model for success in their lives. Working toward mastery of musical concepts at a very young age lays the ground work for the mastery of much more sophisticated music as they mature.

Children are naturally creative and curious and are delighted to have an opportunity to express themselves within an established structure. It is my goal to allow children the freedom to express their individual ideas musically, in a safe, welcoming environment.

Each music class with young children should have moments of great joy. Neuroscientists tell us that we learn better and deeper when we are learning joyfully. Joyful music making in each class will prepare children for a life enriched by music.

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